Natta Quintero-Hong

Artistic Director

Natta studied at the Choreography School of UNAM, as well as at  the James Carte’s Ecole de Danse in Toulouse, France, and the D’Jonibas Center in New York City. Her dance credits include dancing with the “Street Theater and Circus Production” in Mexico, the Ecole de Cirque de Quebec, with “Aerial Dance & Precarious Balance,” with Humanicorp Dance Company, at the National Institute of Arts (Bellas Artes), and with the Circus School of Barcelona, Spain. Locally.

In term of multimedia art, she has exhibited in Morelos, Mexico such as The Museum of the City of Cuernavaca, “Jardines del Sol” in Ocotitlan, Ex-convento de Tepoztlan and Auditorio Ilhucalli; in Chiapas at the Auditorio de Tuxtla Gutierrez; in the Bay Area at The Mission Cultural Center, at De Young Museum,  Alcatraz Island, The Mills College Theater. She was been invited to dance in Washington D.C. at the Inter-American Development Bank and at the Organization of American Estates as part of the conferences of Vanguardi Latina: Latin-hemispheric agenda. 




Ballet and Modern dance teacher 


mia simonovic relocated to the Bay Area from Southern California to learn from a new perspective and experience different dance culture. After graduating with a BA in Dance from the World Arts and Cultures/Dance program at UCLA, she received the opportunity to perform with Kevin Williamson + Company, and worked alongside Steph Woods as Co-Artistic Director of 8th Limb Movement. Since moving to the Bay Area, mia has worked with artists such as Kristin Damrow, Julie-Ann Gambino, Jacqueline Gordon, Claudia Anata Hubiak, and Kate Mitchell. Currently, she is the Artistic Director of the Senior Jazz Company at San Ramon Valley Dance Academy, a member of Kristin Damrow & Company in San Francisco, dancing in movement projects in San Francisco and Oakland, creating new work under the SAFEhouse Arts' Resident Artist Workshop program, and teaching adult and youth movement classes and workshops around California.  


Anisah Abdullah 

Aerial Dance Movement teacher


Anisah Abdullah is an Oakland Native Artivist and Healer. She teaches Aerial Movement, Dance, and Yoga in the Bay Area as well as performs. Her foundation in Ballet and Afro-Brazilian dance has inspired her movement quality and teaching syllabus to be deeply individual to each dancer, as it is their personal free-form movement that will connect them to the greater community of expression. Anisah believes that art is vital to the healing and liberation of all people and hopes to contribute both throughout her life's work.​

Carla Gómez Monroy

Board of Advisors 


As an International Techno Ethno Media Consultant, Carla has micro and nationwide experience at integrating technology innovations and active learning for sustainable development (UNICEF, World Bank, One Laptop per Child,). She also advises organizations and companies that promote social change through innovation. She has done this kind of work in rural, semi-rural, urban-marginal and urban areas in Africa, Asia, Latin-America, Europe and the United States. Carla holds postgraduate studies from the MIT Media Lab.


As an Artist, Carla's selected photographic artwork has been published worldwide in magazines (Times, Newsweek, People,), websites, U.S.A. billboards, videos and in a UNESCO’s book. She has performed live radio broadcasts, and devised “eRadio” programs by and for Tulcingo’s diaspora in Mexico and New York City. Carla has volunteered in various programs for street children, immigrants, autistic, hearing-impaired people, besides creating a piece of art for the blind. Since her childhood, she dances and writes.


Xanat Flores 

Board of Advisors 


 Originally from Mexico. As an environmental scientist (PhD, MIT) she has worked in the United States, Mexico, and Switzerland on issues regarding pollutants in the environment. She has also worked with different communities in Haiti, Mexico, Nepal, and Zambia on issues related to water pollution and hygiene and sanitation. During her time at MIT she was also involved in different social and community service organizations. Whenever she has times she loves to be out taking pictures of nature and people.

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