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The Windigo 

2013 - 2014




A Memory from the Future / Un Recuerdo del Futuro


Fantasia Mexicana 


2013 - 2014

Senkulpeco means Innocence in Esperanto.

Esperanto is an international language, created to facilitate communication amongst people from different countries. In practical use for more than a hundred years, Esperanto has proved to be a genuinely living language, capable of expressing all facets of human thought.


Esperanto was invented in 1887 by a Polish ophthalmologist named L.L. Zamenhof, who hoped his creation would bring about world peace. Zamenhof saw a turbulent world divided by language, and concluded that the situation was too complicated, essentially unfair, and ultimately doomed. He believed that the languages people already spoke were oversaturated with history, politics, and power, making it impossible to communicate clearly. Esperanto was a fresh start, a technology that would allow its speakers to sidestep the difficulties of natural languages altogether.



The integrity is a term that describes the lack or absence of fault ( i-nocentia , in Latin ).

The term can also refer to a state of ignorance where there is little experience either relative to the social peers or by absolute comparison. In contrast to ignorance, innocence is generally considered a positive term, denoting a joyfully positive view of the world, particularly one in which the lack of knowledge stems from a lack of evil, while the main knowledge comes from doing evil.

Jeff Rasley

A Memory From The Future / Un Recuerdo del Futuro


A Spanglish multimedia show: dance, aerial dance, live painting, video art and poetry. 

This show is based on the poetry book "Un recuerdo del futuro / A memory from the future" by Natta Haotzima.

A book that collects the poems and drawings of a little Mexican girl that is exploring her surroundings, inventing and explaining mythical creatures and wondering questions like, what is "a memory"? what is the future? and  how does the future work?

you can read 

the book


Fantasia Mexicana


Fantasia Mexicana is about bringing a gift of dignity to brave people.

I was talking with my friend, who arrive to USA when he was a little kid, he had to jump across the border with his  mom and siblings. They tried around ten times before succeeding. 

And I asked him,

Of all the works you have done, which was the most difficult?

He said: "not peeking oranges, not working at the factories 12hrs per day, not cleaning toilets but harvesting cucumbers".

Happen to be that cucumbers have tiny microscopic thorns that make your hands inflamed no matter if you use gloves, plus you are under the hot sun all day.

“i would not wish this job even on my worst enemy” my friend said

We’ll present a series of performances, at the heaviest hours of immigration work at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco. Each performance will consist of a fusion between aerial dance, live painting, and modern dance, highlight the power that is found within the Mexican jungle, ancestral art, cosmology, religion, bright colors and pyramids. It explores the organic gap between sophisticated scenic language, dance fusion and music interpreted with aerial dance (fabrics and harness), fire coals dance, modern dance and live painting.

Imagine the face of the people when they’ll watch us dance?

Cucumber Dream Manifesto:


*We love cucumber.    *We are full of gratitude with those whom harvest (anything--) around the WORLD. *We believe blue burritos are linchpins. *We are not looking for who is wrong. We are not left neither right. *We are not sectarians neither patriotic. *We respect all politics, faiths and laws, yet we honored all those whom have risked their life looking for a better future. *We give unforgettable gifts. *We deliver irreversible inspiration. *We celebrate harsh, severe, tough, rough work. *We create adrenalineque cosmic moments. *We are proffessional human beings. *we are GIFTERS. *We are artists. *We are JAGUARS!! *we’ll make your corazon GRUARR.

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